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CHICK LIT (All titles in this category are Rated R)

Fourteen Days Later by Sibel Hodge

When accident-prone Helen Grey finds a thong stuffed into the pocket of her boyfriend’s best work trousers, it’s time for her to move on. His excuse that he needed to dust the photocopier and just thought that it was a rag sounds like a lame excuse.

Helen’s life is propelled in an unexpected direction after her best friend, Ayshe, sets her a fourteen-day, life-changing challenge. Helen receives a task everyday which she must complete without question. The tasks are designed to build her confidence and boost her self-esteem but all they seem to do is push her closer to Ayshe’s brother, Kalem.

How will Kalem and Helen get together when she’s too foolish to realize that she loves him? How can he fall for her when he is too busy falling prey to her mishaps and too in love with his own perfect girlfriend? How will Kalem’s Turkish Cypriot family react when they find out

Is it really possible to change your life in fourteen days?

My Perfect Wedding by Sibel Hodge

Helen Grey is finally getting everything she wants. She's about to have the perfect dream wedding and begin an exciting new life abroad on the sunny Mediterranean island of Cyprus. But living the dream isn't all it's cracked up to be.

After a mix-up at the airport, Helen finds herself drawn into the midst of an elaborate plot to steal an ancient statue and assassinate a local businessman. And as if that wasn't bad enough, her wedding dress is AWOL, the statue seems to be cursed, and Helen is wanted by the police.

With the big day rapidly approaching, a roller-coaster of mishaps, misunderstandings, and disasters threatens to turn the newlyweds into nearlyweds.

Can Helen prevent an assassination, save the statue, and have the perfect wedding? Or will the day to remember turn into one she'd rather forget?

CONTEMPORARY (All titles in this category are Rated R)

Ain't Love Grand? by Dana Taylor

The Healer vs. the Lawyer. Energy healer, Persephone Jones, has a new neighbor in Peeler, Oklahoma—hot shot lawyer, Jason Brooks. She’s a vegan; he likes his steaks rare. She’s about saving Mother Earth while he protects the interests of Big Business. Their attraction is mutual, but disturbing. And life gets even more complicated when the whole town is caught in a conflict that pits these two on opposite sides of a political fence….Foreword Magazine says AIN’T LOVE GRAND? is “written with a fresh voice, an impeccable sense of comedic timing, vivid narrative, and fascinating characters.”

Always by Jodi Langston

Writer, Alexandra Martinson, woke from a coma ten years ago not remembering Detective Rick Ryan and the love they shared. Rick, her faithful friend and savior has waited patiently for her memory to return. As he readies himself to tell her how he feels, fate throws another obstacle in his path.

A Hollywood producer asks Alex to rewrite the script based on her novel and she reluctantly agrees. Alex has kept her heart and soul locked safely away until she's swept off her feet by the incredible hunk, Thane Hunter. The womanizing former child star is drawn to the shy writer with the painful past. They share an afternoon of passion in the Vermont woods as a storm and danger rages around them.
After ten years in prison, her ex-husband, Chris, is paroled and goes in search of revenge. No one is safe as those she cares about get caught up in the tempest of violence surrounding her.

Rick makes a stunning revelation to Alex, making her wonder if all he’s done for her has been out friendship or love.
When Alex is kidnapped, Rick and Thane must put aside their differences as they race to save her. Both men care about her, but only one man will do whatever it takes to make sure she survives. When the smoke clears will Alex choose Rick, or will the hot and handsome Thane Hunter steal her heart?

Bast & Immie by Amy Saunders

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Sebastian can tell artifact from junk, but can he ask out Imogen Bell? Featuring characters from Dead Locked, Bast & Immie goes back in time to see how the cool-headed marine archaeologist and his playful colleague found each other in the first place.

Dead Locked by Amy Saunders

When a shipwreck exploration turns into a modern day life or death treasure hunt, it's up to Imogen Bell to decipher the clues and crack open a centuries-old mystery.

The Gift of Joy by Valerie Maarten

When Joy Tate was just a naïve, little girl that still believed in
dreams and wishes, she had only one wish for Santa Claus. It was a selfish hope that caused her to lose the most important person in her life. Now all she wishes for is…

Gabriel Hawthorne spent his entire childhood ignoring the sad, lonely girl from across the street, but could never fully keep her from his thoughts. But after reuniting with her, he’s impressed with the strong, fierce advocate she’s become. And when he’s with her, she gives him the greatest gift of all…

Love of a Stonemason by Christa Polkinhorn

The young painter, Karla Bocelli, is no stranger to loss. When she was five years old, her mother died in a car crash in the south of Switzerland. Her Peruvian father lives at the other end of the world, and a year ago, her aunt and guardian passed away. Now, at age twenty-four, Karla almost gets hit by a speeding car. As if this wasn’t fateful enough, Andreas, the driver, turns out to be a sculptor and carver of tombstones. In spite of his profession, Andreas is anything but morbid. Quick-tempered and intense, he exudes a rough-and-tumble energy. After a tumultuous start of their relationship, Karla comes to see in Andreas the "rock in her life," the perfect antidote to her fears of abandonment and bouts of depression. Andreas, however, wrestles with his own ghosts: an alcoholic father who abused him as a child and his own fits of anger. Together, the two artists must confront the demons that haunt them.

Love of a Stonemason is a story about the struggle of two artists with their past, their family, their creativity, and their love for each other. Told from the point of view of Karla, it depicts the world through her painter’s sensibility. It takes the reader on a journey full of sights, smells, tastes, and sounds from the south of Switzerland to Italy and the Peruvian Andes.

The Merry-Go-Round, A Romantic Comedy by Donna Fasano

When Lauren divorces her husband, she has one thought on her mind...stepping off the merry-go-round. However, her life quickly turns into a three-ring circus: her hypochondriac father moves in, her ex is using her shower when she’s not home, and her perky assistant is pushing her out into the fearsome dating world. She also has to decide if the dilapidated barn and vintage merry-go-round she was awarded in the divorce settlement is a blessing or a bane. As if Lauren’s personal life isn’t chaotic enough, this slightly jaded attorney is overrun with a cast of quirky characters who can’t stay on the right side of the law. What’s a woman to do? She can allow life to spin her in circles forever. Or she can reach out and grab the brass ring.

Nature of the Beast by Jodi Langston

When the doors open at the Star Light Casino in Brody, Minnesota, a serial killer turns it into his hunting ground. The challenge of two unsolved murders and a chance at a fresh start prompts maverick cop Nick Dempsey to leave L. A. and his actress girlfriend Kathy Tyler behind. This lone wolf must learn to be a team player when he takes the job of Sheriff.

After a one night stand with her ex-husband Kathy follows Nick to Minnesota. Tempers flare when Kathy arrives in Brody to find Nick has taken a new lover, Angie Reynolds, a beauty nearly half his age. Fearing for Kathy’s safety Nick moves her into his house. Kathy finds herself a new playmate in Nick’s Deputy Ben. Nick and Kathy struggle with their strained relationship as they both date other people.
As Brody celebrates Heritage Days Nick has his hands full with a town full of tourists, a serial killer and two angry girlfriends. Victim number three is found alive but lapses into a coma and is unable identify her attacker. Deputy Russ Thompson finds a clue at the crime scene. Russ struggles with his decision to remain silent about what he found.

A violent storm descends on Brody putting everyone’s nerves on edge. When both women turn up missing Nick must use all his skills to figure out who the killer is before one of his women becomes the next victim.

Second Chances by Valerie Maarten


Kadi Crowe has spent her entire life believing in the innocence of her father, convicted of murder. But could she prove it?


Dain McKnight waited for the day to come when he could wield his own brand of justice. The only justice he believed fitting for a cold-blooded killer.


Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights by Jean C. Joachim

Caroline Davis White is a well-known artist and married to a wealthy, controlling man. She has everything money could buy except one thing: Love. Brad refuses to give her a divorce she so desperately wants. With no money, family, or friends, she flees to the Catskill Mountains where she spent her summers as a young adult.

Mike Foster has achieved success and made more money than he could have thought possible, but it destroyed his marriage and cost him his son. He is wary of every woman he meets, knowing his money may be more attractive than his good looks.

Caroline reconnects with the life she had and friends from long ago. Mike stepped out of her teenage dreams into her life again, looking more handsome and tempting than ever. Caroline knew Mike back then, but is he still the man she fell in love with?

Sweet Seduction by Tania Tirriaoro

When multi-millionaire Entrepreneur, Rufus Knightly offers to finance Livia Rosetti's artisan cake business, he doesn't expect to have a fight on his hands. Despite sharing a kiss under the mistletoe a decade before, Livia is now reluctant to mix business with romance - but the strong attraction between them is proving difficult to resist.

If you love to sample the delectable taste of pure romance, Sweet Seduction is one not to miss!

This Last Summer by Tania Tirraoro

Who said working in TV was glamorous? It’s shocking - and it can break your heart...

It's not easy keeping an office romance secret in a newsroom full of the treacherous and the lecherous and local TV reporter Maddie Chamber's life is about to get even more complicated.
While out filming she stumbles across a family bombshell - her long lost mother, whose reappearance is set to wreak havoc on her father and brilliant but autistic brother. Then there's an even more shocking discovery that threatens to pull the family apart.

Maddie faces tough decisions both personally and professionally in a journey full of emotion that you won't want to put down.

GAY & LESBIAN (All titles in this category are Rated R)

Bernard: Diary of a 46 Year Old Bellhop by S. L. Danielson

Bernard Covington, suicidal and not the most-handsome man in the world would be happy to leave the world behind altogether. That is until he meets Dr. Jack Larson. The physician takes his wounded heart and soul and patches them back together, but is he Mr. Perfect?
Bernard and Jack develop a romance, but soon the tide begins to shift as Jack’s past is revealed and it becomes a game-changer for the couple to deal with.

Will Bernard and Jack have a happy ending or will he succumb to his desire to end it all or will dealing with Jack's phantoms keep him going? Only Bernard's diary knows what secrets lurk in his soul...

Expectations by Liz Borino

EXPECTATIONS depicts the struggle between what we desire for ourselves and our familial obligations. The struggle is personified by Chris and Matt Taylor, identical twins, who are trying to win their overbearing father’s approval and acquire their trust funds. Love, money, and desire collide as Matt and Chris decide what's really important to them.

For the Heart of Phillip by S. L. Danielson

Get ready for a wild, non-stop-drama, sexy ride!
Follow 13 arduous, confusing, wonderful years of Phillip's life as he tries to decide on his love for two men.
Will it be his best friend since childhood Andy who's stuck with him through thick and thin?
Or the hot wild card Robert who's been in love with him since he was 16?
Both men love their Phillip and will stop at nothing to keep him.
Who will win the heart of Phillip? Come along for this ride and find out!

Lust in London by S. L. Danielson

Young Alex has never been out on Kansas, much less across the pond to London. Still, he jumps at the chance to take a semester of study in England.

While there, he meets a very handsome, charming man named Mason whom he's infatuated with from the moment they meet. They start a relationship, but how long can it last with Mason's hefty travel schedule and Alex's studies?
To boot, there's more trouble afoot...there's a secret admirerer in the midst! Not to mention, a jealous ex who'll stop at nothing!

Will Alex and Mason survive this relationship, or will it all have just been lust in London?

The Seventh Dimension by Edie Ramer

Lesbian ghosts!

Haunted house!



THE SEVENTH DIMENSION, a short story originally published in the Fourth Woman Sleuth Anthology, has it all...and more...


The Crossing by Faith Mortimer

A successful businessman, Richard William Barker has accomplished much in life. Together with his wife, Connie, he was about to embark on a long-dreamed-of sailing adventure. Little did he know that his dream was to become his nightmare.

In The Crossing, the reader is taken on this action-packed, fateful voyage and through a twist of fate is transported back to the Second World War where Richard's late father, Billy Barker, a naval rating assigned as crew on a Motor Torpedo Boat, is captured by the enemy during a daring action off the French coast. His story of survival and friendship against all odds contrasts with his own burgeoning love for a pretty English girl, and leads Richard to begin his own recovery and understand that life must go on.

Based on a true incident, this powerfully emotive tale of passion and love across two generations in the parallel settings of modern day action and the horrors of war makes an utterly compelling read with a refreshing and very different approach to subjects which are normally the preserve of male authors.

Fire Dance by Delle Jacobs

On the order of King William II, called Rufus, Alain De Crency goes to Cumbria to seize the castle of the sorcerer Fyren, kill him, and take Fyren's daughter as his bride- no questions asked.

But no siege or battle is necessary, for the castle is merely handed over to him. And inside he finds the evil Fyren dead, his body shrouded in the most magnificent purple cloak Alain has ever seen. Alain takes the cloak for his own, then discovers the intended bride is missing. He wonders, does the girl, as he had asked Rufus, have two heads? And what secrets will he find that Rufus didn't want to tell him?

Tormented by demons and hideous dreams, Melisande cares not whether she lives or dies, yet she fears death far more than dying. She has committed a sin that will never be forgiven, killed her murderous father to protect her people from his predations. But Fyren is said to be the Spawn of Satan, and Melisande has every reason to believe his claims. And once she crosses into the realms of Satan, she knows her father will exact vengeance beyond her worst imagination. The hellish voices that scream inside her head now are nothing compared to what is to come. Yet she knows the Norman priests will burn her for her crimes as well as her demons.

She flees, hoping the Norman lord will be satisfied with just the castle. But Fyren has sealed the fate of the Norman, for the purple cloak she left as Fyren's shroud is now draped over the Norman's shoulders. Only Melisande knows what it will bring. Only she can save the Norman from his fate, and the fate of her people with him. That means she must face death. And Hell. And Fyren.

His Majesty, Prince of Toads by Delle Jacobs

Sometimes it takes more than a kiss to change a toad into a handsome prince.

When Captain Lucas Deverall returns from the Peninsular War to succeed to his deceased brother's title, he grudgingly decides to take back his wife. But even before he learns the circumstances of his inheritance, he encounters her at a New Year's gala. Shock sets in as he realizes the most beautiful woman in England is the same gangly, calf-eyed chit who tricked him into marriage six years before.

That's not how Sophie remembers it. She wishes fervently she'd had the sense not to scream when the drunken scapegrace crawled into her bed at her Uncle Harry's house party. True, she'd had a secret tendre for the handsome wastrel, until his scathing denunciation of her after their forced wedding. Then he went off to war without even consummating their union, and for six years she heard nothing from him.

Now the toad offers her forgiveness in exchange for his presence in her bed? Revenge comes more to mind.

And so the battle of wits begins. And the harder they fight it, the more they fall in love.

Loki's Daughter by Delle Jacobs

The Vikings are coming. And these men don't have rape and pillage on their minds. They mean to stay, and take wives. The easy way or the hard way.

When Celtic maid Arienh surprises a Viking in the hills, she thinks she's doomed. In the downhill chase, she stabs him and escapes, leaving him to die in the rain and mud. But he doesn't die, and instead forces his way out of the freezing rain into her cottage. Meaning to calm him and protect her Celtic village from potential violence, Arienh tends his wound. But the dying man confuses her with his teasing, and in the middle of the night wakes her with a kiss and the bizarre assertion that she belongs to him.

Not in her lifetime. Torn by rage and loss from years of predation by Vikings, with all the men in her village and family lost to Viking raids, Arienh has poured her life into protecting the remaining women and children of her village. She hates Vikings. She would never submit to one. And she will never forgive.

Ronan knows she doesn't recognize him, but he has never forgotten her. As a young boy he was forced to join his cruel uncle in his marauding, and during a raid on her village Ronan sacrificed his only chance of escape to hide Arienh from his Viking kin. He has finally found her again, only to be wounded at her own hand. How can he prove he is not like other Vikings when he has brought more of his kind with him and they all have the same intention, to take over the land of the village women who hate them, and worse, turn them all into wives?

The Mudlark by Delle Jacobs

The only thing they have in common is their grim determination not to marry each other. But their fathers have them well and truly trapped. No matter how much they dislike each other, their only hope for escape is collaboration. And so together the concoct an elaborate scheme of their own, a double elopement, with a twist, so to speak... A Regency Romance in the Georgette Heyer tradition.

Princess Robin by Dana Taylor

Prepare ye for a lark as the Robin Hood legend is turned upside down in the award winning romance PRINCESS ROBIN.

The secret daughter of King Richard the Lion-Heart, Princess Robin leads her Merry Men against the tyrannical reign of Prince John. Feisty and fearless, Robin fights injustice as she awaits the return of her crusading father. Will he acknowledge his rustic, bandit daughter?

Arrogant knight extraordinaire, Sir Simon of Loxley returns to England as King Richard’s spy. Posing as a court jester, he encounters the formidable Princess Robin. Can such dominating personalities form an alliance? Will love overcome stubborn pride?

Filled with humor, adventure, color and romance, PRINCESS ROBIN presents delightful twists to the beloved Sherwood tale. (Any historical accuracy is strictly coincidental.)

(Note: Sexual content may be inappropriate for younger readers)

ROMANCE / EROTICA / ADULT ONLY (All titles in this category are Rated ER)

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