Indie Authors Unite
Okay, so you're in a "brick and mortar" bookstore...

You're walking up and down the aisles, not quite sure what you're in the mood to read but you're still browsing the shelves for that book that calls out to you. 

What section (genre) of the bookstore are you in?   
Which book is it that caught your attention and who is the Author?

I don't think I've browsed a B&M bookstore since the summer of 2008. :) I remember it well though. I was in the romance section looking for a new author. A few years ago, a bookstore clerk had turned me onto paranormal romance, and I'd reached the end of a series.

Two books caught my eyes that day. One by Lynsay Sands (picked up book 2, not realizing I didn't get the first in the series) and one other book (can't recall the name) about a Native American shape-shifter wild cat living near a plantation.

Well, that was then... this is now. These days I don't bother browsing the shelves. It's so potluck. :) So much goes into the packaging of a book, one never knows what they'll get. Awesome covers, kickbutt (gotta keep it PG) blurbs, but who knows what's inside. When I venture outside of my favorite authors, I rely a lot on recommendations.


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