Indie Authors Unite


Best Friends by Consuelo Saah Baehr

It was unlikely they would ever meet. Yet fate brought them together first as naïve schoolgirls . . . then as complicated women facing events that would alter the shape of their lives forever.

NATALIE– betrayed by her first love and consoling herself with the richest husband in America who is both powerful and dangerous.

SARA – buried her ambitions until a blazing passion reminds her of all she has given up. Her suburban security is about to be shattered by a new job and a passionate affair.

MIRANDA – exotically beautiful, dangerously trusting and driven by her own sexuality. She is in love with a famous screenwriter whose scenario doesn’t include a wife.

Three women with little in common . . . except a pledge made when they were children when they knew nothing about what life would bring . . . a pledge they will be called upon to keep.

Daughters by Consuelo Saah Baehr

From the one room dwellings of a tiny village near Jerusalem to the elegant town houses of Georgetown; from a world steeped in ancient traditions to a world of independent women comes this multi-layered novel of the lives, loves, secrets and strivings of three generations of Palestinian Christian women.

Miriam Mishwe is born into a world that hasn’t changed for centuries – rural Palestine in the last years of the 19th century. She marries a man chosen by her family but the world she sees as unchangeable is on the verge of upheaval.

Nadia is Miriam’s daughter. Sent to a local British school, she adopts many modern ideas but is not ready to renounce her heritage. It is Nadia’s child, Nijmeh, who looks to the west and calls herself by her English name, Star, when she goes to live in America. There she faces problems unknown in her childhood world of brooding hills and desert and brilliant skies.

Daughters is an unforgettable novel about courage, love and hope; and about two worlds – one ancient, one modern – and the extraordinary women who bridge them.

Final Decree: A Dead Dog Divorce by Ted Summerfield

A thieving wife, Elspith Winters, loots their joint bank accounts then convinces her friends her husband is having an affair in order to cover her tracks. Despite the years of planning she did in preparing for her Final Decree, she never planned on the courts not believing her lies.

A story of one hellish divorce, based in part on real events, and a cautionary tale for both men and women.

High on a Mountain by Tommie Lyn

As a boy, Ailean MacLachlainn dreamed of living an adventurous life and longed to be a celebrated warrior of his clan. Until a shy smile and a glance from Mùirne's blue eyes turned his head and escalated his rivalry with Latharn into enmity and open conflict.

When Ailean became a man, his boyhood dreams faded. Until Bonnie Prince Charlie came to reclaim his father's throne. The Jacobite loyalties of Ailean's clan chief involved the MacLachlainns in the uprising and set Ailean on a course toward a destiny of which he could never have dreamed.

What happens when a man's dreams turn to dust? And when a man loses everything, does he have what it takes to go on?

High on a Mountain is the stirring tale of one man's remarkable journey through life; a story of adventure and love...of faith, loss and redemption.

Jobless Recovery by L.C. Evans

Dave Griffin is a poster boy for the American consumer. He drives a blood-colored Behemoth model SUV, has a new home in the suburbs, a beautiful girlfriend, a computer programming job, and all the benefits that come with middle class life in America. Then Dave's employer replaces American computer programmers with cheaper imported labor in order to increase company profits. Soon Dave is out on the street. But he still believes in the system. All he has to do is bring the problem to the attention of the media and the people in Washington to get results. This move only deepens his trouble.

Meanwhile, Dave's friend Joe Tremaine, a former FBI agent who lost his job after suffering a head injury, is struggling to stay sane. Cynical Joe knows better than to trust anyone in Washington or in corporate America. He embroils Dave in his fraudulent money-making schemes, and when Joe decides to educate the powerful senator who has been the driving factor in eliminating American jobs, his plan goes awry. Can an unemployed computer jockey manage to keep Joe--and himself--out of jail? Or will the oddly-shaped bundle in the back of Joe's truck lead the cops to haul them both to the slammer?

Joint Effort by Ted Summerfield

It's the 1960's and drugs are making inroads into schools. There is a demand for drugs, so a group of high school friends begin selling pot and hash to their friends. From that humble beginning, this story leads you through how they expanded their operation, how they cleaned their cash, how they moved their product, and how they later built their underground bunkers for pot production. This ebook contains swear words.

The Legend of Sasquatch by William T. Prince

Man or beast?  The same question asked about the mythical Sasquatch might be asked regarding its namesake, young Texan Clint Buchanan ("Buck Hannon").  Read Clint's story, and judge for yourself.

The Maya - People of the Maize by Diana L. Driver

Learn about the Maya, a brilliant and bloodthirsty culture, with ominous predictions about the end of the Fourth Age of Creation on December 21, 2012…   The Maya created a civilization based on terror and human sacrifice and yet managed to excel in the arts, writing, mathematics, astronomy, and the building of temple structures that rival the Egyptian pyramids. However, by the time the Spanish arrived, most of the great Mayan cities had been abandoned and reclaimed by the jungle. Why did this happen?   The Maya, People of the Maize is a brief guidebook for readers interested in an overall view of the intriguing and fascinating Mayan culture. It offers readers a basic understanding of ancient Mayan history, religion, and social structure. The Maya, People of the Maize includes examples of Mayan art, pictures and descriptions of Mayan temples, as well as translations of Mayan glyphs-- including the glyphs of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. At the end of the book, the author has included information about predictions concerning the end of the Fourth Age of Creation, December 21, 2012. These predictions come not only from the Maya themselves, but from the I Ching, Edgar Cayce, the Hopi nation, and other sources.

On Berryhill Road by Tommie Lyn

Navy Chief Handy McKniere wanted to build a home for his wife and daughter on Berryhill Road.

But Handy was found dead and a suicide note on his typewriter said he stole from the Navy to pay for his dream home. Folks regarded him as a traitor, and thought his wife Rachel was his accomplice.

What's it like growing up under a cloud of suspicion? Will Handy's daughter Fallon be an outcast forever?

Report From the Heart by Consuelo Saah Baehr

Mommy isn't happy. It doesn't feel like happily ever after. Every day she asks the question: should she stay? Can she go?
Maybe this is all there is and she should just suck it up.

This non-fiction journal, goes to the heart of what every woman fears and asks herself about marriage, children and life. "How do you feel this morning? Did you have a good sleep? Did you get the work you wanted? Are you glad to come home at night? Do you like the children. If you didn't have children would you think it was better to have them or not? What about the baby's face? Do you think it's beautiful? Do you think I'm beautiful. How are your Eggs Ranchero? Too much pepper? Oh, I forgot you don't like pepper.
Are you mad because I didn't get your shirts from the cleaner?
Are you mad because I bought the cheap birdseed and the birds aren't eating it? Are you mad because I don't like birds? Why don't you ever get mad? Why do the children always get hurt when you watch them? Why do they always lose their mittens?

Constructed around one day in her life, this book is about the pleasures, irritations, and occasional rage of having children, about the anxieties of sex, about the compromises of other women, about the awesome possibility that when all is said and done and the day is ended, this may be, after all, "the love story of the century."

"If I hadn't married I would have spent the rest of my life looking for someone to marry. And if I hadn't had children, I would have made the begetting of a child, by one means or another, my life's work. There was no other way for my generation and it's ridiculous to speculate that my life could have turned out any other way."

A very personal account that goes right to the heart of what every woman thinks, fears and asks herself about marriage, children and life itself.

Shiny Green Shoes by Dana Taylor

A holiday short story for the whole family. 1935 was a hard year for America, especially on old Route 66 in Luther, Oklahoma. The unlikely friendship between a young black girl and an aged white woman bring hope to a town down on its luck.

The Spruce Gum Box by Elizabeth E. Wilder

A family forged by adversity. A community united by dreams. With a bounty on his head, Jed turns to the one man he could trust; a nearby Micmac settlement leader. As the strife escalates over the border of Maine and the rights to its lucrative lumber industry, the unlikely partnership defies all odds to protect Jed's son, overcoming bigotry, betrayal, and the unforgiving 1820’s Maine wilderness.

Who Killed 20G? by Mark Phialas

A golf hustling, poker-playing UNC basketball fan relies on generosity and tolerance after he runs out of cash, single malt, decent cards and his putting stroke during a losing streak in Florida. Trent Jones retreats to Tranquility, a gated golf community near Myrtle Beach that happens to be the site of his closest friend's vacation home. But Jones finds turmoil, rather than sanctuary, when he drunkenly confronts a renowned college basketball coach in the club lounge the night he arrives. A verbal disagreement turns violent, and Jones is hauled away in cuffs by Tranquility security and local police. A rude hangover turns dismal when Jones discovers that the basketball coach, known as 20G, was murdered the previous night in his Tranquility condo, and that Jones is now perched at the top of the suspects list. Frank Williams, a sports and entertainment agent in New York City, loathes hearing that his houseguest has been in a brawl and is the prime candidate for a homicide rap. Williams kicks Jones out of his house, and that's the last time the two men speak. Jones, homeless and broke, comes to the crossroads of his seedy military police past and what lies ahead when he tries to untangle himself from this dark web. He embarks on an old road not taken; a path that begins with curiosity and ends with revenge. Who Killed 20G? is the story of a reluctant hero in the spirit of Travis McGee and Bret Maverick, with a twinge of Titanic Thompson... It's the story of Trent Jones and the dangerous trail he follows to honor friendship and earn self-respect.